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Sustainability Communications

Crossroads Learning & Entertainment is a multi-media communications company focusing on sustainability - the challenges and opportunities - both within organizations and out in the world.

Our goal is to help our clients reach their sustainability goals through better interactions with their customers, visitors, employees, suppliers, communities, and other stakeholders.

Using film and multi-media experiences, the Internet and interactives, theater and face-to-face encounters, we help our clients to engage, inform and inspire their audiences.


40 researchers from 18 different countries on 6 continents presented their research posters electronically and interactively at the annual World Water Week Conference in Stockholm. Posters were created on-line and presented on 48” touch screens, which enabled conference delegates to explore the research interactively, viewing texts, images, slide shows, videos and animations with just a tap on the screen. Follow the link to our subsidiary, aMuze Interactive, and read more about our ground-breaking iPoster Sessions.

The value of higher education.
Crossroads is working with Saco, the Swedish Confederation of Academic Trade Unions. We're helping Saco with brand development and brand communications, as well as working with their central administration - supervisors, researchers, communicators, analysts, and others - to strengthen their ability to verbally present and argue for Sacos positions on the issues. Saco encompasses 22 unions, representing over 600,000 university graduates, including economists, lawyers, physiotherapists, graduate engineers, doctors, teachers and members of many other professions.

The mind is a wonderful thing.
It starts to work the minute you’re born, and never stops until you get up to speak in public.” (John Mason Brown) So true. Public speaking ability is not something with which most of us are born. Whether you’ve got an audience of one hundred or just one in front of you, having control of your rhetoric and your body language is key to getting your point across and understood. Read more about our Communications Courses. They’re uniquely hands-on, memorable, and effective.

Carbon farming in Uganda.
We've just finished working on a film with our colleagues at
U&We about their carbon sequestration program in Uganda. Their Zero Mission program helps organizations (Max Hamburgers, Arla Dairies, Arvid Nordquist, and others) to calculate and find ways to reduce their carbon footprints, and to offset what remains by, for example, planting trees for carbon storage in selected countries in Africa, Asia and South America. The benefits go well beyond carbon offsets, and include local food security, education, community development, poverty reduction, and ecosystem services, to name just a few. Find it here on our film page.

Sustainable waste removal.
We've been working with
Envac for a number of years. Envac - in case you don't know - invented and is the world leader in automated underground waste removal systems - a truly sustainable solution for the critical challenges of waste management in the world today, particularly in urban settings. We produced a new corporate film for them focusing on their process for designing and installing their systems. See the film here.

The world's largest sustainable tourism region.
Mulan Weichang lies 350 kilometers northwest of Beijing, China, on the border of inner Mongolia.
Sustainable Lifestyle Sweden has been chosen to develop this 10,000 square kilometer region into a model of sustainability, where tourism, food production, transportation and logistics, energy, water resources, and waste management will be developed with equal regard to the environment, human resources, culture and economy of the region. Crossroads has developed an interactive website and communications platform, which will inform and engage the project's stakeholders from initial planning and investments through realization and empowerment of the people who will visit, live and work there. Visit Mulan Weichang!

Citizen Dialog.
Our DialogSystem, which has been a huge success in museums, has found a new context - regional and local governments. Along with our colleagues at the communications agency
Hemma we are working with the Nya Ostkustbanan, an infrastructure project in northern Sweden to expand the single railroad track between Gävle and Sundsvall to a double track and thereby increase freight capacity and reduce travel times for people. Behind Nya Ostkustbanan are nine municipalities along the coast of Norrland, the county councils in Gävleborg and Västernorrland, and Region Gävleborg and the Västernorrland County Administrative Board, which also is the project leader. Our DialogSystem is used both internally - with our GroupDialog component that promotes dialogue amongst the projects partners and stakeholders, and externally - with our mobile / QR code component that promotes dialogue with the citizens of the region.

Move Beyond the Line.
Want to be inspired? See who is doing what in the world of business and sustainability at - the video site for sustainable business intelligence. Sponsored by Serious Nature and the af Jochnick foundation, and conceived along with U&We, we’ve created a place for you to watch and listen to great interviews with leaders from the worlds of business, science, NGOs, and the public sector. You can view the main workshop film and a trailer here on our film page.